you're supernatural, extraterrestrial

Sorry for those crappy pictures, but my camer is being a real bitch. Seriously, since a month or so, after like 20 pictures, it says "Camera error". Then I have to shut it down and on again that it works. And now I took like 20 pics, put my SD-card into my computer and it says: NO FILES! FFFFFUUUUUUU!
Anyways, I had my last test for this term today - economics- and it went pretty well I think, it was really easy :) On the pictures you can see my double finger cross ring from ASOS which arrived today, and my 4mm tunnel :D Oh yeah, and you really need to listen to this song, it's the new single of Katy Perry, and it has been stuck in my head for the last 2 days!!! On Saturday I'm going to Trier with Frida, need to do some shopping before Italy :) -XO!


Mellynator said...

You look really pretty :)

Alice said...

You're really gorgeous (: x