As you may have seen on some other Luxembourgish blogs it was really nice weather yesterday, around 24 degrees! That's why my friend Frida and I decided a few days ago to spend the day shopping in Trier. We took the bus at 9.30 and when we arrived in Trier, it was really foggy and cold! Good that I had my grey hoodie with me :D So we went to a lot of different shops and had lunch at Pizza Hut. Later in the afternoon, we bought super duper yummy milkshakes :D We actually planned to take the bus home at 14.30, so went to the bus stop and waited. And waited. Half an hour later we remined that it was Saturday and the bus probably only came every other hour. So we diced to wait another 30 minutes. While waiting we took some pics and I put on my new nailpolish haha :D But at 15:30 the bus still didn't come! So I phoned my parents, and luckily, they were in Trier as well and offered to take us home :) NOTE: Next time check the bus schedule! In the evening, my parents and I decided to have dinner at our favourite Italian restaurant, and as it was still warm, we ate outside! Everybody, have a nice Sunday, more pictures coming later!


M▲RLENE said...

If you think I've got a nice blog, why don't you follow? Haha <3
I really like yours too, seems like people from Luxembourg always have such cute blogs ;)

Fredrika said...

Wow you were pretty lucky your parents were in Trier then..:b

And thanks for your comment (from a while ago... I answer slowly:S)! Thanks for the tip! :) I don't know if my editing skills are that special but I guess I could always give some tips if people would be interested :D