17 degrees!

 I'm just looooving the weather we have right now! Today it was around 17 degrees, and I lay down on the balcony in a tanktop and hotpants sunbathing for almost 2 hours! But according to the weather forecast it'll rain the next days... I really hope we'll have good weather on Tuesday, because we're going on a one-day trip to Paris with school! And then I'll finally have 2 1/2 weeks off school. Really looking forward, as I'm going to Italy for two weeks, yep that'right! I really hope I'm coming back with a great tan! Enough text for today, if you want, check out my Tumblr, I recently started using it again, under another name though! Click here to get linked. Now I'm off to study some biology, got a test tomorrow on 30 points and I didn't study yet - oops! Oh, and here is a cool "summer song" I found recently - enjoy!


Anonymous said...

17 degrees? That's freezing! I'd be in jeans and jumper and in front of the heater.