Sweet Sixteen

Now it's official - I'm 16 years old. I had a pretty nice birthday yesterday, went to school and got a book (Candice Brushnell-The Carrie Diaries) from a friend, and when I got home, my parents had a delicous chocolate-raspberry cake for me! I got my presents in the evening: money, a Rock-a-Field ticket and a black fake leather jacket ♥
Currently I really bake a lot. Last week I made chocolate chip muffins and a SUPER DELICIOUS chocolate cake, and today I made vanilla cupcakes. So now my question, would you like me to post more recipies?
There is something else I'm really happy about. I started my term at school with really good grades so far. Better than last term :D
I bought some clothes from KK this weekend, let's hope they'll arrive this or latest next week! I bought two jumpers:

Black 2nd hand jumper with sequins on the shoulders for 11,45 :D
 New jumper from Gina Tricot for 25e. A girl was so nice to order it for me, because unfortunately GT doesn't ship to Luxembourg :( It also has some elbow pads which you can't see in the picture.
Now I'm off to do the frosting for my cupcakes, have a nice afternoon/evening! -xoxo


The Bla-Bla girl said...

Love these clothes! Especially the pink jumper :D Your blog seems interesting and I'll become your follower! :) x

herecomesthesun said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday!
I'm not great at baking so an easy peasy recipes you can share would be awesome :) Maybe something with peanut butter? Yum!

Jenny said...

iup, meng mami huet ma se geschnidden :)
gell, daat suckt déck, mee daat ass wann ech mam fernauslöser fotograféieren...x

Alice said...

Alles,alles Gute (: Ich hoffe du hast schön gefeiert oder feierst noch :D Meine sweet 16 lassen noch ein paar Monate auf sich warten :(
:* Alice