Last day as a 15 year old

Today I had a really awesome day. I went to town with M. this afternoon. First, we had hot chocolate at Chocolate Company, and then went for a two-hour-long walk through the city. We talked a lot, and I'm really looking forward hanging out with him some time again :D We also had a look at different Sushi Restaurants in town, which one do you prefer? Sushi Shop or AKA?
Now I'm home, enjoying my last evening as a 15 year old, since it is my 16. birthday tomorrow!
Enjoy your night!


Janine▲ said...

Alles gute :)

Anonymous said...

Sushi shop is the best :D

Hermke said...

Here some early congratulations!
Have a great day tomorrow! xx


Younique said...

Alvast gefeliciteerd! :D ♥

Chelsea Whipps said...

haha, 16 seems so young to be able to drink legally ! have a great birthday :)

Alice said...

Happy birthday. Hope you have an awesome day. x

aline wh said...

happy birthday, hope you had a great day!
I like your blog :)

Steffie said...

HAppy Sweet 16!!
Hope u have a blast !!!

Reese Milania said...

Belated happy birthday!!! Happy sweet 16!


Fredrika said...

Happy (late) birthday!
Never tried AKA sushi but I think the ones at sushi shop are AMAZING.

And about a photoshoot-price :b Cool, unusual idea... but I think it'd be a bit vain of me (to assume that everyone would want that!), plus it only works for lux-people.
But if anyone wants to shoot with me then they can just message me :b