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I'm so sorry for being such a bad blogger, BUT I want to thank all the people who started following during the last week. 10 new Followers in 7 days, thank you so much!
What's new? I went to see "Black Swan" starring Nathalie Portman and Mila Kunis last night. The film was so amazing! Even if it was a bit scary sometimes :D The funny thing is that there was a granma sitting next to me (The session was sold out, because it was kind of  "premiere"), and everytime something scary happened, she got a "mini-heart-attack" :D
Today was kinda boring, I studied biology - blood. Why do I have to know this?
During the last days, I figured more or less out that I'd really like to be an Event Planner or Caterer, I love baking/cooking and organizing things so much :D
At the end of today's post, I just want to say something. There is a friend of mine who is going to a hard phase now. I just want to wish her all best and I want to let her know that I'll try to supporting her how I can! If you're reading this: Ech drecken der d'Daumen dass alles rem gudd get! Du packs daat :) (That was Luxembourgish btw).
Now I'm off, I'll watch DH and SATC, tomorrow my granparents are coming over to celebrate my birthday, see you! <3


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