Today, I stumbled on this (click!) page: a really cool online shop for piercings and more!
And I swear, it is soooo cheap! I had the idea of stretching one of my ears on my mind for quite a while now, and since the prices there were awesome, I decided to order some stuff:

black 3mm expander, 0,63 euros!
 red 5mm expander, 0,63 euros too!
blue 6mm expander, 0,63 euros as well :D

black tunnel with crystals, 3mm, 2,94 euros
metallic tunnel with light blue crystals, 4mm (although i think in the picture it's bigger) 4,34 euros!
black tunnel with crystals, 6mm, 2,94 euros.
(c) CrazyFactory
Shipping is also very cheap, 4,90e woldwide! Everything together was 16,40e, which is VERY cheap I think :) I think you should really check this page out, they have very nice stuff :)
Now I'm off to study some more biology, I have a test tomorrow and I feel like I don't know it too well... Shame on me!