Questions & Answers!

Do you have pets?
No. I used to have fish, but they died.

What is your favourite meal?
I loooove Sushi, Lasagna and Cupcakes (is this even a meal?:D)

How tall are you and how much do you weigh?
I'm 178 cm tall and I weigh around 58 kg.

Do you wish you were taller or thinner?
Taller no, I'm definately okay with my size, thinner yes. I'd like to loose 5kg or something :D

What's your favourite designer? And magazine?
Hmmm... I really like lots of designers, but I think Alexander Wang and Alexander McQueen (R.I.P.!) are my favourites. My favourite magazine is Glamour. Or Jolie maybe.

What would you like to do in the future?
I'd love to become an event planner or caterer.

What made you start your blog?
I'd been reading blogs for a few weeks before I started my blog. I felt like I needed a new hobby, so I have it a try. At first, I only blogged for myself (meaning A LOT of text, what my day was about, etc...) but then I got more and more followers, and yeah ;D

If you could have the figure/style/hair of a celebrity, who would you pick, and why?
Figure: Shakira. DEFINATELY. Everything of her body is perfect!
Style: Do you mean the sense of clothing? Then I'd pick Lauren Conrad and Blake Lively. I just love how they dress.
Hair: MARCIA CROSS! Just loooove her hair. I wish my hair could be that colour, too!

If a star could play you in your filmography, who would it be?
I think Felicity Huffman would be great for this (especially the "older me"). I think she's just a fabulous actress!
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