Just learned that we're going to Italy again in the Easter holidays - and also visit Milan for a day! Although I've vistited Milan 2 times before already (2007 and 2010), I'm reaaaly looking forward because I have a HUGE crush on this city
Some random news: I went to Saarbr├╝cken yesterday and I bought a foundation, concealer and blush from MAC (I'm in love! The best cosmetic brand I've used so far!), a new blazer from Vila, a babypink watch, new running shoes (Reebok EasyTone), some magazines (TeenVogue, Glamour and Shape) and Chai Tea from Starbucks! Now I'll finally be able to do my own Chai Latte :D
My order from CrazyFactory arrived on Wednesday, and after having the 3 mm expander in today, I managed to get it completely through an hour ago and now I also have my 3 mm tunnel in :)
Also, I figured out how to put videos on my iPhone :D Now I have the last 6 episodes of Gossip Girl Season 2 on iPod which I can watch any time I want - in bed or if a teacher's absent at school!
Oh, and btw, on Wednesday me and my mum had lunch at AKA Sushi in town - the best sushi I ever ate!!!
I know, that was a lot of random news, but I hope you enjoyed reading! 
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Nats said...

haha I love Saarbrucken cause it's the closest place to luxembourg with mac products (and a starbucks :D) x

Nora A. said...

wei messde daat dann fiir dfolgen op den handy ze kreien?:)