14 Things to do in 7 Days

Hello guys :) Yesterday, I found out that I was tagged by Fredrika. So now I have to do a list with 14 things I should/have to do in the follwing days!
1. Bake cupcakes!
2. Finish my presentation about Mahatma Gandhi
3. Study Geography, Maths and German!
4. Finish the book I have to read in German
5. Get the H&M-ring from my last post in pink
6. Watch the new episode of Pretty Little Liars
7. Start stretching one of my ears
8. Get a summer job
9. Get some information about where to buy a MacBook Pro for a good price in Lux.
10. Get a new blazer
11. Go to the hospital for an allergy-test
12. Reach 160 followers :D
13. Go to the hairdresser's
14. Blog more :)
Now I have to tag a few people, so I tag Jenny, Nora, Jil, Anna, Ilona and Tuulia and Nilla!

Btw, I'm probably answering to my Questions tonight, so stay tuned! :)


Anonymous said...

you got a new blazer? pic pic pic pic please! ;)