As I already mentionned before, I bought myself the book "Sugar and Spice" by Lauren Conrad last Saturday. One word - AMAZING! Although it's in English (which isn't my mother language), it's really easy to read. I realy fell in love with Lauren Conrad and started watching "The Hills". Lauren keeps just always dressing so nice!
Another thing I totally love about Lauren is her haircolour. She had it in a few blondes, but I prefer this one.

I already planned to go to see the hairdresser on Friday a few days ago, but now I'm thinking if I really should re-dye my hair brown or if I should dye it like this. I've been having the same haircolour for a year now, and somehow I feel a bit bored with it. Also, in winter my skin gets even paler and if i have dark brown hair then, it will look even paler (it's light brown now).
Over the weekend, I found a new channel on Youtube which I really like. It's a girl who uploads make-up and hairtutourials, be sure to check it here!


Anonymous said...

omg omg omg omg !! gina tricot?! zu köln???:O
wou?:DDDD xx

Chanel-Girl said...

Amazing picture , I really like Lauren Conrad . Where did you buy the book sugar and spice ?