What's it like to live in Luxembourg?

Today I'm gonna tell you a bit more about Luxembourg, the country I live in since I was born.

This is our national flagg.
Luxembourg is 2586 km² big and the second smallest country in the European Union.

Here you have a little map of Luxembourg. Most people (as me) live in the area of Luxembourg-city (written in bold on the map) or in Esch, which is in the South. The Nothern of Luxembourg is not really much populated, there are mostly fields, woods and farms.
Little less than half of the people living in Luxembourg are immigrants. Most of them are from Portugal, France, Germany or Belgium. The official languages in Luxembourg are Luxembourgish, which is our own language, French and German. But if you go to a shop in the centre of Luxembourg, they will mostly talk to you in French.
If you want to go shopping in Luxembourg, you mostly go to Luxembourg-city. There you find shops such as H&M, Zara, Mango, Promod, Sephora, Vero Moda, Pimkie etc. Alternatives to Luxembourg-city, which is actually quite expensive, are Metz (F), Liège (B), Arlon (B), Trier (D) or Saarbrücken (D). These are the cloest to Luxembourg, depending on where you live, but they are all only around half an hour to two hours away from Luxembourg-city.
As I already said, Luxembourg is a very cosmopolitan country. That's why we also have 3 international schools and one european school. But most of the people in Luxembourg go to luxembourgish-native schools. After finishing your 6. year at primary school, you go to a secondary school. You can go to the "Lycée classique" or "Lycée technique", first one being rather for people who want to go to university later one and last one more for people who want to work after finishing school.
What about music in Luxembourg? The most famous Luxembourgish band I know is Eternal Tango. Their most current song is this one:

Another well-known band is Angel at my Table. This song is very famous:

I guess this was quite a lot of facts, but if you have more questions, feel free to ask!
-steffi elina


Lisa said...

dann wünsch ich dir mal ganz schöne Ferien! Was hast du denn so geplant?

In welcher Klasse bist du denn jetzt? :)

Kaori said...

luxembourgish isnt one of the official languages, it's the national language :)

Fashion is a Sunny Day said...

i was just wondering what school you go to? i go to the european school :)

La pépite modeuse said...

love your blog :)


I want to visit Luxemburgo!!!!! its cool!


Lisa said...

hm, dann wünsch ich dir mal viel Glück bei den Prüfungen..
Ist bei euch in Luxemburg die Schule so ähnlich wie bei uns in Deutschland? Also gibts da auch Gymnasium, Realschule und Hauptschule oder ist es mehr so wie in Frankreich?
Hast du eigentlich Deutsch an der Schule oder warum sprichst du das so gut?
J'aime le francais (übrigens - was heißt das auf französisch? ^^)

Anonymous said...

Hmm the official language is French :)
and 'Lycée technique ' is more to go to university like classique.
'Technicien and modulaire' are make for workig after school :)

Milez said...

Thanks for that cool infos! Luxembourg is such an interesting country, why aren't so many people interested in it? And of course, if I believe all that fashion blogs from the country, Luxembourg has so much pretty and stylish girls ;)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Of course there are a lit of people who live in the north of luxembourg!! oO

Anonymous said...

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