Blog presentation

Today I'm doing a blog-presentation. The blog I'm going to presnt is Catilla's (click here).

Caty is 17 years old and comes from Germany. She started her blog in march and has already 124 Followers on her blog "Catilla".
Most of her posts are about what she bought, what she wore or just about her day.
As she's German, her blog is written in German, too, but I think people who don't understand German can translate it with Google very easily.
So if you don't follow her alredy, make sure you do now!
I think she has a really lovely blog and she deserves some more Followers!


Caty said...

Hehe is süß danke =)
Nur das untere Bild ist schrecklich, da hab ich nur gezeigt, was ich NICHT behalte :D
Liebe Grüße <3

LIQUESandMEG said...

wow how very nice of you!


Hilaloeya said...

amazing blog!
following you. you me 2?


vulnerablee said...

ou nice blog : )

follow me :D