shopping + today's outfit

My mom picked me up after school and we went to town, I bought some make-up and a black waterfall cardigan. No big post today because I'm kinda in a bad mood now...

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Top, leggins, scarf - H&M
cardigan - zara


Fredrika said...

Hope you feel better/happier soon! :)

Anonymous said...

Get well soon.
But you look great :)

Fredrika said...

oh, sorry I forgot to answer your question! :)
no, sorry, I don't know any courses :/ but I will 'keep my ears open' and let you know if I hear of any!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

You look so pretty!! Be happy soon!! xoxoxoxoo

ossyalala26 said...

thank's for visited my page.
and now i'm already be your follower.
don't forget to follow me back..
have a nice day :)

Alice said...

I like the new layout !
And your outfit is really cool (: Hope you get well soon (:
btw. i couldn't find the article in the 'maedchen' magazine,i also asked some guys in maedchen.com but couldn't find anyone :/ Sorry for that,i wish having more luck finding this article.
<3 Alice

fashion nightmare said...

oh. you're very pretty !
lovely face.