Miranda Hobbes

You all know that I love Sex and The City. So I decided to do this little post about my favourite character, Miranda Hobbes.
Why is she my favourite? Sometimes when I watch a new episode of SATC and something happens to her, I just think: OMG, this is so ME. This is exactly what I would act like. Miranda is the one of the four I can identify myself the most with. She makes me smile a lot. I also love the way she dresses. She uses a lot of wooden/leather accessoires, and dresses simple & classic. OK, in season 1-2, her style isn't the best one, but I loove her style in all the other seasons + the two movies.

Who is your favourite SATC character and why?


sea of fashion said...

meeeerci :) <3

LISA ♥ said...

I can't choose between Carrie and Samantha :D
I love Carrie because she acts and thinks like me, her style is awesome. So she's basically me.. well not really :p But I love Samantha's character, she is so damn funny and it's cool that she's so confident. I'd love to have her as my friend.