Today, I'll start packing, because I'm leaving on Sunday. I'll stay two weeks in Neuerburg, Germany, in some kind of castle with many other Teens at my age from all over the world. There will be people from my country, Luxembourg (I know many of them from the last years I've been there), Germany, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Slowenia and Norway. I'm already excited for the full-day visit to Köln, one of the biggest cities in Germany. This will be my fourth and last year there, because next year, I'll be too old. But I'm thinking of going there as a leader next year. I decided to show you some pics of me there in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

2007, with Noemie, Luxembourg. I reaaly love my hair in this picture. This is also +- my natural colour.
2008, with Nicole, Liechtenstein. I totally regret cutting my hair to chin lentgh and dying it platinum blonde that year.
2009, with Lizbeth, Estonia. Miss her so much!