That's not my name!

When I got home yesterday there was a white packet for me on the table! I wondered what it could be, then I opened it. And, what was it? My new necklace, which I had ordered +-10 days ago! It came in this cute box. I opened, and... WOW! The necklace just looks so nice. I totally fell in love with it! The name is written really properly and seems to have a very good quality as well. I could choose the lenght of the chain myself, and said 50 cm. I don't think that a chain like this will look nice when it's super-long!
I've put the link to the website where I ordered to my sidebar, and the best is that if you order one, you can get 10% off! If you order one (not expensive at all I think), you just have to enter FURKILLS as discount code and you're done :) You can get them in silver, golden silver, 585 gold or acryl. They are also able to put any accent on it, and you can get it in arabic, russian, greek or hebrew scripture. Name-chains got famous through Sex and the city (Carrie) and are very popular again now because of SATC2! It's also a nice birthday present, I think :D
Here the Link to the page: www.MeineNamenskette.de


Anonymous said...

wow that is gorgeous..
hmm I might concider doing that too.... :D


AMK said...

Pretty! ;-)