you've been a very bad girl

 I'm quite happy because:
-my first thing from Gina Tricot came today: a greyish-blue dress for only 10e, via kleiderkreisel
-my black biker jacket from H&M came as well, also 10e, via kleiderkreisel
I will show you the pictures of me wearing them on Thursday.
Tomorrow my blue Gina Tricor Scarf will hopefully come as well.
Today I had a math test and I think it went quite okay. I wasn't stressed before it, because I knew I studied hard for it, and I also understood quite well. 
After school, I went to Auchan with Frida and bought the 2nd SEX AND THE CITY Season. Actaually, I wanted to start with the first one, but it was sold out! Only seasons 2-6 were aviable. The man told me that I should come again on Saturday. After that, I went to the Fitness studio.
Have I got any plans for this week?
Not really. Tomorrow, I gotta learn history, then on Thursday I'll spend some time on the computer and on Friday I'll probably go to H&M.
I'm so sorry for being busy lately, but we have 6 weeks of school left, were we have many tests. So I gotta study a lot :(
Picture found on we<3it.


Anonymous said...

aww cute shoes!!

Larissa said...

Im totally looking forward, when Gina Tricot comes to Cologne!
Im really in love with GT!