tell me, what?

I found this on another blog, and i did this with my iPhone-Songs. You just have to click "shuffle songs" and take the name of the song for each answer :p

Are you gonna be successful in your future? If you seek amy-Britney Spears

How are you gonna die? I'm in Miami Bitch-LMFAO

Will you have a lot of friends? Beautiful, Dirty Rich-Lady GAGA

Are you gonna be famous ? Alright-Supergrass

Will you be addicted to something, or fully independent? Lip Gloss-Lil'Mama

Will you have plastic surgery? Hotel Room Service-Pitbull

At the age of 30, will you still be the same crazy/quiet person you are now? Kids-MGMT
Will many guys/girls have you on speed-dial? California Gurls-Katy Perry

Will you be rich or poor? Maneater-Nelly Furtado

Will people envy you? Ca m'énerve-Helmut Fritz

Will they laugh AT you? Heartless-Kayne West

What will you be famous for? Sexy Bitch-David Guetta (XD)

Will you be happily married by the age of 30? If we meet again- Katy Perry ft Timbaland

Will you suffer from a disgusting disease?Not Fair-Lily Allen

As we're talking about music now, here my current fav songs:
Fergie-Labels or Love (i just love it!!!)
Safura-Drip Drop
Ricki-Lee-Can't touch it


AMK said...

Funny things! I love now Katy Perry Calafornia gurls. <3

Elizabete said...

OH - I looove Labels or Love.Such a catchy song.Very SATC,no? :D