soooo today it was really hot. almost 30 degrees!
after school, i went to town shopping with Kristiana (click :D)
this is what i wore today (i know, brilliant idea to wear a black jacket when it's as hot :P):

biker jacket, sunglasses, leggings, flats-h&m
blue dress-gina tricot (yes, the one i told you about)
and then in the background you see my longchamp schoolbag.
I definately have to get a new one soon, because almost everybody in Luxembourg has this one for school. Grr!
We went to H&M, where I bought a cute white longtop with a golden anchor on it and a coral scarf.
And here a pic Kristiana took of us, i like it, although i look a bit stupid in it :
Now I'll be off, watching SATC Season 2.
See you!


Büsra said...

Cute. :>

Anonymous said...

SEason 2?!?

Schokofee said...

Süßes Outfit!

Panda said...

Hiyaa! Just stumbled onto your blog,
Its gorgeous :] Will deffo be back!
Panda xx