what i bought

here's what i bought on saturday at h&m.
-heart divided pilot sunglasses 7e
-black nylon tights with black dots 5e
-and i went to see alice in wonderland 3d. awesome moovie!
what i bought there yesterday (no pics yet)
-long white blouse/tunica
-sky blue blouse
-super light cardigan which i wore today. absolutely awesome!!
also today my dollar sign chain & white diamond (kiki kannibal-alike) chain came in which i bought on this site for only 10e including shipping. tomorrow is the last day school before 2 1/2 weeks easter holiday, so we won't do anything, as more than half of the 9th grade classes went on skiing holiday. i didn't want to, as they arrive only on saturday and i'll be abroad on sunday for two weeks, so it would be a bit too stressy.


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Eva said...

The sunglasses are really cool! :)