chanel tee DIY

so finally i get to this. this is a tutourial how i made the tee of my yesterday's outfit.
you'll need:
-a white t-shirt (i bought this for only 5e at H&M in Size L so that it's oversized and can be worn like this)
-special colour to write on it (i used marabu textilfarbe fl├╝ssig)
-a picture of the chanel sign

Step 1:
Put on old clothes, as you want to avoid colour stains.
Step 2:
Put the tee on your desk with the sheet with the chanel sign underneath. get the colour and a brush.
Step 3:
Be sure the Chanel sign is absolutely equal. if you want to, you can start painting with a pencil, but i didn't do that.
Step 4:
Start colouring. This took me +- 5 minutes.
Step 5:
Let it dry completely for 24h.
Step 6:
Iron the shirt, especially the chanel sign to fix the colour.
You're done! Enjoy a T-Shirt which isn't very popular and for me THAT it-piece for summer 2010!


Schokofee said...

That's what I want to do, too. II already have the color, I just need time to do this :D