reality is clean, i am messy

don't you think those shoes are great? found the image on tumblr.
today the prodigy got confirmed for the rockafield festival in june. so happy :D
do you know bushido? he's a german rapper, i like some of his tracks, for example "alles wird gut", "sonnenbank flavour" and "vergeben&vergessen". you should listen to them if you like hiphop/r'n'b.
today something really great happened. and also something which makes me fucking furious. let's start with the bad one. i got 36/60 (all our tests are of 60 points, if you get under 30, you failed) in the history test. i learned for hours for it!!! i really hate my history teacher, she's a fucking... yea you know what this should be :D she's a 26 (?) year old german teacher who remplaces my actual history teacher who broke her leg. argh! and something reaaaaaaaaaaaaly great happend!!!! i will get 58/60 average in english which i really didn't expect :D whoohoo :D tomorrow i'm gonna meet tammy, and tuesday is the last day of school, i'm gonna go to the "wiss" with claire and jon. ("wiss": a park in the capital city where most of teens hang out in summer for chilling, drinking and smoking shisha). yesterday i bought a great beige trenchcoat and a gery t-shirt. right now i'm ill, totally "voiceless". have a greaaat weekend :D


INVADER. said...

let's follow each other!

Aly said...

Oh, i like the new blog design ^.^

=P alice

Eva said...

Gratulations :D

The shoes are awesome ! *__*

Aly said...

I read in the new vogue mag , that the shoes are from Miu Miu (;


Kristiana V said...

eyeah the shoes here are from miu miu and the picture is from http://www.thecherryblossomgirl.com/ :)

steffi elina said...

Yup i found it on ur tumblr i think!