I can be a freak every day of every week

today my easter holiday startet. so happy now, just got up. my marks for this term will be okay, i guess, which means that my paents will give me some money. and on sunday i'll be abroad for two weeks! won't tell you now where i go, but it will be sunny there and also exciting! well i only travel with mom & dad which might sound a bit boring but hell yeah i am very open-minded person so it won't be that difficult to me to talk with other teens in the hotel at my age. we go on two different places, the first week there, the next week there. i personally prefer the second week, as we visit a market there where they sell chanel stuff and so on. okay, fakes but i'm looking for a necklace and earrings. and here featuring some pics from my fav tumblr, dirtylittlestylewhore. and uh, i so wanna have that essie nailpolish.


Landa said...

Ow that's really cool! Where do you go to in the Netherlands then?

You also have a really cute blog, with interesting and inspiring pictures ^^

♥ dontlookinthecamera.blogspot.com

INVADER. said...

i work for wwf :)

Anonymous said...

ja, ich hab den auch :)
ders total toll!

Jana -Sharina said...

Äm ich benutz die Canon eos 450d
und das Foto hab ich mit Gimp bearbeitet. Da gibt es unter Farben so eine Funktion die "Farbkurven" heißt, die ist total super.

Elizabete said...

I like your blog + I own that nail polish! XO