should i go or should i stay?

i picked up for you two sites you really must visit. the first one is blogimarche. it's a blog where several bloggers put on clothes they don't like anymore. i just bought this quite cool phyton-top there, which wasn't really expensive at all.

the second site is kleiderkreisel, a german page, which i found via blogimarche. i bought there last week two necklaces which arrived 4 days after i send the money through a letter to the girl who was selling them. a really cool thing there is that you also can swap clothes, shoes or whatever. i decided yesterday to swap a white top with studs which i bought at h&m but is too big for me for a pair of mint hotpants.
i think webpages like these are very cool, as you can easily make money via things you don't like anymore, but maybe others do. what do you think? and oh, as you can see, i signed up my blog on bloglovin', so now you can also follow me there ;)
what are your favourite movies? mine are 500 days of summer, alice in wonderland and wild child. i'm looking forward to watch the lovely bones, lol and the virgin suicides.


Eva said...

Nice post. : )

My fav' movies are The Pursuit of Happyness, Shopaholic and Up : )

Nora A. said...

fiir di sait doo "kleiderkreisel" muss een awer eng daitsch adress ungin, gell?

Nora A. said...

ahh ok :) soo, den lovely bones wulld ej och kucken, mee den leeft dach gue nd am kino, oder? :O