14 items - 14 looks : win at Caroline's blog!

today i discovered an absolute amazing blog. it is called www.caroline.feber.se . After clicking around a bit, i discovered a post where she raffles 14 different outfits created by 14 items. The look i chose is this one. why? it includes everything fashionable for spring. a studded leather jacket, the cropped t-shirts which will be modern again now, cool pilot glasses, of course treggings, the IT-item 2010, a funny bracelet and those amazing heels. just fell in love with the outfit. now, i need to give a reason WHY i wanna win this. the first thing is clear: it's a super-hip outfit which concludes everything fashionable for spring. the other thing i quite like is that it hase something from lindex, gina tricot and topshop in it, which are all shops who arent in luxembourg. i would like to have an outfit which hasn't everyone else. i would be really happy if i'd win this outfit!
even if i don't win, i'll continue reading caroline's blog, because it's one that i really love!


Julia ♥ said...

Du wurdest getaggt :D


Kristiana V said...

the shoe site you gave me has a lot of topshop copies, but it's nice :) thx!

Kristiana V said...

oh gosh, i love her blog but havent looked at it for a while so i didnt even know about this giveaway. omg! im so gonna enter :D thx :D