dance in saint tropez

sorry for being such a bad blogger! not for not posting but for postin so much uninteresting stuff about my life! like, who cares?
i was in saarbr├╝cken yesterday, and i bought a lot of cool stuff:
hair extensions! i was a bit bored, i had to wait for 15minutes till we would met for a coffee and i was curious about a shop called ALLERLEI, so i just entered. they had a lot of 1e-stuff, but then i found those clip-in extensions which only cost 7e. so i bought them, will try them later!
i also bought a white shirt at peek and cloppenburg which says dance in sant tropez.
and finally i found that scarf i was looking for AGES!
then we found a great shoe shop called FIFTY 6. My mother and i bought (well mummy paid) 2 pairs each. the black ones are super confortable and cost 85e, the dark blue ones with the jewellry 70e.
well and the last one shows a striped top which i bought at h&m. it's ideal for my DIY Chanel shirt. i'll do it later ;)
we also went to a professional photoshop and got lots of information about professional reflex cameras, as i'm thinking about getting one for sunmer. it has to be sony, because my father has some objectives for it. so i'm thinking about buing the alpha450, which costs 500e now. my father also wants to pay 100-200e.


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