just got an e-mail of a website called top-of-sofware. they say i have downloaded sth on thier website and now i have to pay 96e and i've never been on that website ;S
ppl say just to ignore those kind of mails but anyway, i'm a bit nervous now ... i've never been there, neither have i signed up as someone called claude schmit who's born in 1980!
today was the first day after the holidays. from now on we'll have more test than usual, because the term ends already in 5 weeks! then my family and i will go on a vacation in italy, already looking forward :) btw i signed up formspring.me, you can ask me anything here!


Aly said...

Omg..that´s hard :[ yeah, i also would ignore it & if you get a check , there is no reasons to pay 96e
Really like your blog (;