Live on the coke side of life

Totally confused. Always when i look in a morror i thing: omg how ugly your hair looks today -again! The colour is great, but the haircut? Mmm. I want my hair to be long again (like peaches in the pic of my last post) and if i wont cut it till summer it'll be like that. I'm insecure ifbi should get a straight fringe (one that reaches a bit under my eyebrows) or not... What do you guys think?


Kristiana V said...

thAanks :) but i cant find it on the online store :S only a few but they werent really that similar :D is it even on the online store?cause mayb it just isnt and only in shops :p

Anonymous said...

haha cool (:
mjo am lce & du?(: <3

steffi elina said...

kristiana: well i saw it today in h&m auchan, you could have a look in your lunch break or something :)
jill: am lgl :)

Anonymous said...

Thank u ;-) look at this emo boy one over this blog:

Anonymous said...

ah ok(:
cool haha :b