baby bump that track

i decided to NOT cut my fringe ;) i think it's just fine now, and i look better without it. but i have another idea now. in september last year, i used to wear clipin extensions all day. but after i coloured my hair darker, i didn't want to wear them again, because they were blond :S but yesterday i bought hair colour at the drugstore by l'oréal, maybe i'll colour them tonight! i'm really confused about another thing too. i'd really like to change school. there are three english-spoken schools here: st. george, european school and international school.but they all cost too much. but since 2007 there's a luxembourgish-spoken school who offers international classes for free. you can do the international BAC there. i'd really like to go there next year, but there is a problem: i'm not sure if i'd be able to follow classes. sure, i'm really good in expressing myself in english and doing conversations and so on, writing on my blog etc. :)
on friday i'm going to meet tammy, a friend of mine. she goes to another school so we don't meet that often.
tomorrow i have 2 lessons free, yay :D


Anonymous said...

in which school do you go at the moment?