cherry chapstick

omg today i had a really bad expirience with my pc! it had a virus! and i had really difficulties to get it away, but now my pc is safe again :D
yesterday i met, as i told you, tammy. it was really nice! we went to the chocolate company café and drank hot chocolate. believe me, the best one in the whole country you get there! then we wanted to go to the police office because i need to get a new ID. but it was closed already! so we went to extrabold and i bought a light grey hoodie from american apparel (sorry jil :)). we stayed there for like half an hour because we couldn't decide the colour:) haha. tammy bought the dark grey one after discussing with her mom on the phone if she could buy it or not. then we went to h&m, where i bought a blue flowered blouse, very nice, and a beige/golden top. tammy bought a little chanel 2.55-like bag. then i needed to run to get my bus home, and it was all snowing, ugh! today i realized that my hair looks quite red. Oh no! i don't want my hair to look red. i prefer an ashy dark blonde/light brown. this makes me furious! it came really fast, i think like after one shower :O well you know, my hair is coloured right now, but with a colour who washes out after time, and i think next or overnext weekend i'm going to the hairdresser and colour them again :D i think all of you sometimes have a phase where you just think: omg my hair looks so shit today! well, this is my permanent state since +- a week. yup, really annoying. i'm already looking forward the 21st of may. why? i'm going with tammy and some other friends you don't know (haha oviously) to the david guetta gig! he comes around 2a.m and i usually go to bed at 22 :D after this tammy is coming for sleepover. know what? 8 days 'till STEFFI ELINA's birthday!:)


Eva said...

Oh it's good that your pc is safe. :)

I think, your hair looks good. :)

xoxo' Eva


Anonymous said...

is this jil for me? o.O haha :b
ehm, the camera is: panasonic lumix DMC-FX35 ;D
and yes, don't cut a fringe because I used to have one and I can tell you, at the moment when u have the fringe u think it's really cool, but then when u don't have it anymore(uh..:b) and u watch old photos u think that it looked so awful ;D
I mean, I think you would look really nice with a fringe but..mh..don't do it (:
Maybe u could cut a 'schief chienne' u know? That's really nice too. (:

steffi elina said...

haha okay :)
yes, jil was for you, cause you told to buy the leather jacket :D