have some new DIY projects.
1st: a shredded tee, like the girl makes in this video!
2nd: a "fake chanel" bag like this!
3rd: black ripped jeans!
Have nice sunday!


Deborah said...

i love that bag !!

J'aime said...

Ahh, I actually love your prints, they look so realistic and just fab!


Ainhoa said...

aw such a cute bag :)

Kristiana V said...

no it's not kiki kannibal, i don't like her much xD but i pierced my belly in el gaucho (or how you spell it) for 60e

Katy said...

Wow, how did you make the bag ?:b I love it !
And could you maybe give me some tips on how to rip jeans or whatever cos I wanna rip mine but I don't wanna mess it up :b