we're plastic but we still have fun

These are my style idols: Peaches Geldof (although she has some drug adventures), Blake Lively and Leighton Meester (whose style i prefer in the Gossip Girl episodes).
My week(end) was okay, now i'm test-free for two weeks, and then the week after my birthday i have a math test (ha ha ha). On friday i was in the H&M last chance to buy sales. i bought a light pink (salmon) shirt with bat arms, which was on sale for 3e instead of 20e and a 3/4 armed, oversized brown-grey cardigan for 5e instead of 30e. then yesterday i met frida, we went out and took some pictures, which i will update later on. she gave me a pair of light blue destroyed denim jeans and a pink top, she told me she doesn't wear them anymore. she dresses up a bit skater/emo since a year, and she bought those things before that. and there is also something on with my class friends. there are two, a boy and a girl, who used to be my best friends. but since 3 months, they seem to prefer (at least the girl) going out with their new, cool friends, and treat me like an idiot. okay, as i told you before, my parents don't like me to go out on weekend's nights. i'm also not that intrested in clubbing all weekend, get drunk and come home in the late morning. but now on friday that boy went clubbing his fist time. and for me it seems now, that he also doesn't like hanging out with me, too... at least he doesn't answer my text messages when i wrote him how it was going out... and i'm also not sure anymore if i like hanging out with people like that... i know, long text:)
well here some pictures i like, and i took at the weekend :)


Lazy Owlet said...

I love Blake Lively & Leighton Meester. They're so pretty! And I prefer their 'gossip girl style' too ;)

Lauraaa. said...

hey, iam a new follower =)
I love Blake Lively,she is so cool!
I like your blog..=)