Some pictures I took this week.

  ^the poem I showed you a few days ago
 ^me taking a pictrue while being bored
 ^the cupcakes I made last Sunday for a classmate's birthday
 ^delicious smothie from Auchan
 ^dinner sometime this week
Last night, Frida came over and we made Sushi. I love making Sushi myself, it's so much cheaper then having it in a restaurant, and also much more fun :D I'll try to post more today&tomorrow, stay tuned!


if-I-were-Audrey said...

dann musst du wohl nochmal kommen ! :D

tolle Bilder, finde ich. Welche Kamera hast du denn?

Natascha said...

Schöne Bilder & toller Blog (:

Younique said...

Mooie foto's!