cool kids whip their hair back and forth

I want this.

Cool song.
I currently really have no clue about what to post. What kind of stuff would you like to see on my blog? Outfit posts? Hauls? Videos? Let me know!
I really want to thank all my followers for still reading my blog, even if it quite sucks at the moment. I love you <3


Alice said...

I like the sond ;) Outfit posts are insiring and interesting so try posting that. I love your blog, following.


josse said...

the wedges I got are from a danish online store. (http://www.smartgirl.dk/Sko/Stoevler/Sort_Shoe_Biz_stoevlet_L45364_4) that's the link, but they don't have the zipper on the inderside, for some reason, but they're SO comfortable ;)

josse said...

sorry the link is wrong. this is the link: http://www.smartgirl.dk/Sko/Stoevler/Sort_Shoe_Biz_stoevlet_L45364_4 !