What's in my bag

 The bag I currently use for school. I bought it at H&M last summer.
 First of all, my bag contains a lot of school books/folders. Here you can see my English grammar books and the book we are currently reading in class.
 My pencil case and my agenda.
 Hairbrush, umbrella, wallet and antibacterial gel (I'm really obsessed with this^^)
My keys (home&locker), headphones and my cellphone, iPhone 4.
Since I dind't have a lot of time to post this week, I'm just gonna post Day 2 + Day 3 all together in one post: What's in my bag + a picture of my cellphone.
Later I'm going to do day 5, a picture of myself 2 years ago, so stay tuned. Also thanks a lot for the people who started following me on Twitter during the last days! If you're not a follower yet, click here to get to my account!


london loves said...

dein diary is ja mal herzig! meins ist einfach simpel schwarz, ich will auch so eins. aber villeicht ist's ja auch ein gutes DIY. Deine DIY shorts sind übrigens suuuper geworden!