Berlin - What I bought

Here I show you a couple of things I bought in Berlin.
 Thomas Sabo Charm Club bracelet nd butterfly charm
 Berlin bag! I needed to buy this so bad :D
 It was so cold (-15!) that I had to buy a hat because I didn't bring one. This one actually looks quite cute.
 I decided to read two English books. The first one, L.A. Candy is absolutely amazing. The other one, How to walk in high heels is quite funny and entertaining and has some brilliant tips!
Random picture I took while taking pictures.
BTW: Since it's my birthday soon, I decided to maybe get a new lens for my camera. I looked through some Internet sites and I found Tamron 55-200mm quite intresting (It's a macro). 
Anybody experienced? I currently have Sony Alpha 230, And I'm a bit unsatisfied, because I think the pictures aren't that sharp and the background is always as blurry/sharp as the motive. ANY TIPS?
Oh, tomorrow school. I so don't want to get up...
Now I'm off to watch The Hills or Desperate Housewives. Can't decide yet :D


nikolinefrank said...

seems like some nice stuff. the books seems nice!:)

// www.hellonikoline.blogspot.com

Nora A. said...

nee, ej hun driwwer noogeduecht, mer LA Candy och ze bestellen mee ej hun ma io och nach 3 aaner bicher bestallt, also waarden ej mool oof, wi "Style" vun him as :)

oh daat aanert buch doo gesait awer och gudd aus :D

Marella said...

Lovely things dear!