Jenny's blog

I'm back with another blog-presentation! This time it will be about 16-year old Jenny R. from Luxembourg. She's actually the luxembourgish blogger I get on the best with! And we're meeting on Friday the first time for a little shopping trip and I'm already really excited! :D

 Jenny has her blog for around half a year now and has reached 61 followers by now but she really deserves more! She updates her blog almost everyday and posts many outfit pictures or shopping hauls, too. I've got to know her through her blog/facebook and she's a really nice and cute girl and looks really pretty with her fringe :) She also has a sister and a dog and is obsessed with rings :D
so if you want to make your own impression, just go here.
Btw, she's running a giveaway and also sells clothes on her blog, so it's definately a click worth!


Jenny said...

I love you.<3

Marella said...

Soooo cute dear!