Interview with "Kristiana V"

Here you go with another blogger interview. This time it's about Kristiana, a 17-year old blogger from Latvia, but lives in Luxembourg now.
How did you get introduced into blogging? First of all, two years ago I came across lookbook.nu. I really enjoyed the website, and spent hours hyping, fanning and digging deeper. I started reading a lot of the lookbookers blogs, and eventually decided to make my own. 
Do you think blogging changed you? How? Yes, definitely. I am much more aware of what I wear. I now have some rules for myself, to avoid dressing in a "boring" way (although sometimes I can't help it :D). Blogging also puts some kinda pressure on the bloggers, especially those who show their outfits frequently. I often feel like I shouldn't wear a certain item, because I already wore it two days ago. But, all in all, it has changed me in a good way!
What are some clothing items you could not live without? My black skinny jeans, lots of different coats (I'm developing a big thing for coats lately), and girly tops.
What is the most expensive piece of clothing you've ever bought? Probably my Mango jeans, which were 80 euro, or a Calvin Klein bag for around 140. I'm not big on expensive things, as you see.
How would you describe your style? K-R-I-S-T-I-A-N-A!
Where do you get inspiration? Usually from other blogs, sometimes magazines, people on the street, TV shows.. you know. The usual.
Who takes your outfit pictures? My sister, my mum, my friends.
What is your favourite city, and why? Riga, because I only visit it a few times a year, and there I see all my old friends, and go to the shops that don't exist in Luxembourg, and go to Double Coffee - my favourite bar/cafe. I also really enjoyed Copenhagen, because of the shops too! 
Do you have a blog which is your absolute favourite one? It changes all the time, depending on the certain bloggers update, style, etc.. So I can't say. 
And last but not least, what do you think makes people follow your blog? I guess they like my style/photos/text.. Honestly I don't know. I don't know if I would follow my blog if I was someone else. No, actually I think I would. 
Thank you Kristiana! Don't forget to have a look at her blog yourself by clicking here.


Claudia said...

gorgeous photos!
Marry Christmas!

Nora A. said...

PM :)


i was wondering if you could do an interview for me some time? if you like what you see on my blog? would much appreciate it. xxxx