DIY Leopard Cross Cardigan

Superduperbad pictures. ANYWAYS: I spontanuously decided to make an old, black cardigan look nicer: I found some fake leopard skin tissu, cut it out and sew it on the back of the cardigan. My inspiration for this was this (click) T-Shirt from Urban Outfitters. I'm actually planning on doing the T-Shirt itself too, we'll see.
 I also have a music-tip for you. Just discovered, but already fallen in love with it.
I'm heading to bed soon, so sleep tight girls!


whatsernamesupergirl said...

schöne idee, das t-shirt himmle ich auch schon seit längerer zeit an <3

Paola said...



Fashion is a Sunny Day said...

thats really creative, and such a good idea! love it! :D

nikolinefrank said...

Nice shirt :-) Wish I was that creative..


Anonymous said...

Oh, here is the answer for my question, I quess :D butbutbut aeee i'm in love with it!