Exactly a year ago, I was sitting on my computer, checking out some blogs I had found recently. I always loved to read them, the bloggers always had great pictures and fancy entries. I was quite bored that evening, so I spontanously decided to make a blogger-account and wrote my first post. Day after day, I discovered the features of blogger and started to design my blog more and more how I wanted it to be. I only posted when I felt like doing it, sometimes also only once a week. It took me about 4 months or something until I got my first followers. As the weeks passed, I got more and more followers and comments. I also tried out different designs/layouts. I remember that one day in April I had had a really bad day, but then I came home, sat on my computer and saw that I'd reached 50 followers. I was so happy! Then, In June, I finally got my new camera. The pics became better and better, the posts a bit more interesting, and also, not to forget, I think that I quite improved my English during the last few months.
So today, Saturday, 13th November 2010, I celebrate my first blog-anniversary. With this post, I wanna encourage everybody who recently started blogging to not give up. I know that the fist few months are really hard and you sometimes are close to give up because you feel like nobody cares about what you write on your blog. But that is not true! Just look at all the blogs you follow on your Dashboard. Do you always comment on these blog's new posts? I don't think so.You also shouln't think too much about hater comments. Everybody gets them sometimes. Those people might just be jealous. But if you get threats or sexually abusing comments, you should really do something! There are a lot of Anti-Cyberbullying webpages that should help you. I hope that there a many people who read this, because this really means a lot to me! I never expected to get so many followers during my first year as a blog, an I want to thank you all to help me realizing this!


Anonymous said...

this is so sweet! and congratulation.
remember, because you have 117 followers dose'nt mean that, they are the only one, who reads your blog. I've been reading your blog since june.. but im not followring you. I remember i once saw you with some friends in town, it was so weirdto stand some few meters from you, and then when i got home, could i see your outfit post, and recognize your clothes.
I really like that your blog is so personal, its a bit diffrent, and blogs with only outfit posts easy get a bit borring. yours is not like that at all :)
and again congratulation! your blog is amazing :)

steffi elina said...

Aww thank you <3 you can also write me on facebook sometime if you want to:)

Milez said...

Congratulation! I really love you blog, it's one of the first I read from blogger.
Your blog is anyway so.... cool :D I think girls from other blogs are often so stylish, you can't copy it for school. You're stylish, too but on a cool and casual way.
Oh and I forgot one thing:Before I read your blog I didn't know much about Luxembourg and I was never interested in it. But then I discovered with your posts how cool the country is and I read something about it on Wikipedia. Now I think it's a quiet interesting country and I would love to visit that country anytime.
Love you.<3

Alice said...

Congratulations Steffi Elina (:
I'm really happy that i kinda discovered your blog for few months,cause i love the pictures you made & especially..everything :D

In love,Alice (:

Mandy said...

Alles Guddes ! Ech hun dein blog na emma su gear wei dei eischten keia, en ass mei perseinlej mee mat flottem stil, dofia hun ej en seu gear ! :D dk