real lady marmelade

New rings I bought at H&M today. 6 for only 4,95 euros!!
My new bus card for school with the picture i took last year for my new ID
Big smile!!!

I'm sorry for not posting for almost a week, but I just didn't have any time for taking picture because I'm really busy with school. This year we will have to chose what we want to study the last 3 years at school and I'm not sure if I want to go to the language or economies section... So yeah. I've already met all my new teachers and most of them seem really nice.
And guess what: My parents told me today (as a surprise) that we are going to spend a week around New Year's Eve in BERLIN! Isn't that cool?? I'm really looking forward Mme Tussaud's, all the cool shops like Weekday, Gina Tricot etc... And of course New Years's Eve itself!!! There will be a super big Open Air Party at the Brandenbourg Gate with many famous bands... Aww I'm sooo excited!!!


Fredrika said...

I take my outfit photos using a tripod and a remote control (see i'm always holding a little black thing in the photos... thats the remote!). It's really convenient :D

love the rings btw, I have the same :b

Elizabete said...

Cute pic! Is there a Gina Tricot and Weekday in Berlin? : o

Milez said...

What a cute picture! :)

Anonymous said...

I love your rings a lot they're really cute ! and your pics are so nice , I like your blog :D xoxo, Irena <3

Solveigh said...

T'es francaises ? O:

Coco said...

die Ringe sind so schön :) aber verfärben die sich eigentlich? weil ich überlege ob ich mir die auch kaufen soll ;)