like a symphony's resolving sound

I grabbed out a picture I took last year the first day of school: (I had Clip-In Extensions)

And this one I took yesterday!
Have I changed a lot during the last year? How? (Sorry for the bad quality -> webcam)

New agenda!
Loveloveliove. I have to finish Season 6, and then I'll buy myself Season 1 and watch it, because when I wanted to start watching SATC almost 4 months ago, they didn't have it, so I started with Season 2 :)
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Anonymous said...

you look ways older and your hair is much better/natural now!

Anonymous said...

merciii :3 d ass och meeega bequem *_*
oh dat nervt emmer wann se wuessen, an een ken rendezvous hellt. ech vergiessen dat emmer :b

Devon said...

You are gorgeous! Loving your blog, keep it up x

Anonymous said...

oh no!
you are on my page really!!

look on the sidebar :)


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Mandyy said...

ech fannen du gesais lo besser aus :) Mettellang Hoer gin da besser :D dk <3

Martine : D said...

ech hun dat selwecht bichelchen hahaha <3