we no speak americano

Hey! So here are a few pictures of my new dark blonde - gingerish haircolour.

So yeah :)
What did I do the last few days?
I started watching Pretty Little Liars and I just love it! It's really cool :)
Yesterday, I went to the cinema with a friend, we had dinner at "Coyote" and then watched Eclipse. What do you think about that Team Jacob or Team Edward hype? I think Emmet and Jasper are the hottest ;)


Mandyy said...

Also ej sin absulut Team edward :) kuss <3

Nora A. said...

ou? fwa as deen dann su schlecht?:O

sea of fashion said...

hallo :) déi posch huet 30 euro kascht. ch weess, bessi vill, mee ch misst déi einfa kaafn :p xx

Nora A. said...

ah daat as zwar wierklej schaiss :O