galaxy nails

Today I made these "Galaxy nails". I saw them on Eleri's blog, and tried it out myself. And actually, I think it went out pretty well!
So now I'm gonna tell you guys how you do this yourself.
Things you'll need:
1) invisible nailpolish for the topper coat
2) light blue nailpolish
3) dark blue nailpolish
4) little piece of a sponge

First, you apply the dark blue nailpolish on your whole nails.
After it's dried, take a little piece of a sponge (cut it off), and apply the light blue nailpolish on it. Now, carefully apply it on the nails. You should get a galaxy-ish effect. Don't apply too much light blue polish!
When it's completely dried, use an invisible nailpolish and apply it on you nails. Now you're done! :)


Anonymous said...

such a good idea!
Do things like this more often! :)

sea of fashion said...

merci :) wuah, dck cool daat doot mat d neel (y) :) muss ch och probéieren :D <3

Eleri said...

uu they look nice, but maybe you should add some sparkle on the edges, it would make them perf :)

Merily said...

Ooh, üli kenad!

Mandyy said...

mercii :) Joo, H&M ;) hun deen short direkt suu schein fond, mee fannen ass schweia eppz ze fannen wt dobai passt hh <3