Yesterday was the last day of school. FINALLY! Now I have 2 months of summerholidays. Yay!
Elizabete and sea of fashion (click to get to their blogs) were right: I'm getting a bellybutton piercing :) If everything goes right, I'm getting it on Friday. Can't wait! I hope it won't hurt that much.
Last night my parents took me to the restaurant and later we decided to go for a walk. I also had my camera with me and took some pictures. Here you go.

I wore:
floral dress + waist belt, h&m
dark grey cardigan, bershka
flip-flops, tally weijl


Anonymous said...

mach d fotoen nach mei grouss ; )

sea of fashion said...

mega léif pics :) looss eis dain piercing gesinn, wanns d en hues :D <3

Cassidy said...

these are such pretty pictures ! you're gorgeous :}

much love <3

G. said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful place and you are so sweet!