riverside, motherfuckers!

Pictures from today. I absolutely love my new camera. It takes awesome pics.
I spent my afternoon doing the shopping with mum and then going to a lovely place sitting & chilling with Frida and eating Nachos.
I am really happy now. Why? There are many reasons. I met a really sweet boy a week ago, we're texting all time long (: Tomorrow is also the last day of school before the summer holidays. I'm reaaaaly looking forward! No school 'till the 18th September, yay!!! And the best thing (for me) is that my parents finally agreed to get a piercing because my average in school for this term is very good.
Where do you think I'll get a piercing? xoxo Steffi


Elizabete said...

Mmm,nachosss! :P Maybe the ear or belly button? Thank you for the comment + enjoy your summer holidays! XO

sea of fashion said...

ch géiff soen, du kress een bauchnuebel-piercing :p xx

Yaary said...

you girl looks so cute and natural here :)