RAF 2010 & random

So as you already know, I've been to RAF (Rock-a-Field) 2010 yesterday in Herchesfeld in Roeser/Luxembourg. It's a music festival.
We arrived at half past 11 and we got a wristband - yay!
There were many friends of mine, I had a great time. I saw:
-Angel at my table
-Jan Delay
I had a great time, but ofc it had also some negative aspects. First of all, there were around 20,000 people (!!!) and it was around 31 degrees hot. Therefore I have a huuuuge sunburn in my face & shoulders now, it's totally red and hurts :( I usually don't get burnt that fast, but I've actually never been in the sun for 9 hours yet...
Eldoradio took some pictures of me & friends, but this is the only one I like:

                                            Me, Sarah (classmate) and Gilles, a friend of her
I look so tired in all the pics :D
I hope you enjoyed your weekend as well! I had a French test this morning, I think i totally sucked :D
And yea, tomorrow maths and thursday geography THEN IT'S OVER!!!!!!