Last night!

Last night was really great :)
I went to town around 7 o'clock with Frida. We had dinner at Mc Donald's and went then to the Park, where weng hanged out for like 20 minutes with some of her friends. She wanted to stay with them for a while, and as I wanted to meet some other people too, we decided to meet again at 22pm. So I met Tammy and her boyfriend, we walked a bit through the city, talked and then decided to have a drink at Sul Palco (I recommend you Passoa Orange, really good!). After that, I met Jil (click to visit her blog!) and some of her friends. We went to PM and Sul Palco later again, I really had fun with them! Then I met Frida again and we watched the parade and the fireworks and then we went home.
Today I have to study! :(

 Picture from last night, me and Jil.


Martine : D said...

klengt mega cool :D