i'm a littlebit lost without you

Did you know that Rock-a-field (Festival in Luxembourg) is already sold out?? I'm glad I have a ticket! I'm looking forward to see Paramore, Deftones & so on :)
I realized that most of my Jeans don't suit me very well anymore. They are all kinda too big, because I want Jeans to be veryvery skinny! I got a tip of a friend that at Zara they sell very skinny Jeans. Will go to Zara tomorrow or wednesday with my mom!
Next Wednesday, It's the Luxembourgish national day. Almost everybody goes out the day before, which means Tueday, because we have one day off school the day after. I might go out with Frida then :)
I heard about a beachparty on 31st July in Munsbach, Luxembourg, and I might go there as well :) the ticket costs only 6 euros! Perhaps I'll go there with Yannick ;)
My today's outfit was:
Skinny Jeans from H&M, blue/grey/white floral top from Primark and my new navy blue cardigan from the children department in Zara :D
Btw, I love this outfit!:)


Kippe said...

you should have put a picture of your today's outfit !

AMK said...

But I think Prodidy was there not Paramore?